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Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) Quarterly Meeting Recap - Feb 2024

The Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) held its quarterly meeting February 28 - March 1, 2024, at the UC San Diego campus. On the first day, the Delegation received Business Updates, Delegates presented and voted on CUCSA Awards, and all were welcomed by Annika Nelson, Manager, at the UCSD Craft Center with a team building activity and tour.

Policy-Covered Staff Identity Poll Results

Staff Assembly published a survey in the December 14, 2023 edition of Staff Voice asking staff the following question: How would you define or describe policy-covered staff identity/ies?

2023 Staff Assembly Tailgate Photo Gallery

A big thank you to everyone who came to our 🏈 Fifth Annual Staff Assembly Football Tailgate. We had a lot of fun before the game, and guess what? The Aggies won! They beat Portland 37-23. That made our day even better!

A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped us. You helped set everything up and made sure everything went well. We're really grateful for your help. You're a big part of why our tailgate was so much fun.

Employer of Choice Poll Results

We published a survey in the November 2, 2023 edition of Staff Voice and asked staff "What does or what would make UC Davis an employer of choice?"