Executive Committee

The Staff Assembly Executive Committee is elected by voting members to further the objectives of Staff Assembly, make decisions on behalf of the organization, and ensure these decisions are carried out. The Executive Committee members will spend one and two-year terms directing the various activities of Staff Assembly, representing staff interests with administration, and advancing initiatives that improve the staff experience on campus. In addition to their assigned duties, they support each other’s work through collaboration and teamwork. The Staff Assembly Executive Committee is governed by the organization's Bylaws and each member is tasked with realizing the specific duties outlined within. You may contact the members of the Staff Assembly Executive Committee by emailing staffvoice@ucdavis.edu.

Please see below for a description of each of the Executive Committee's roles.

  • Chair
  • The Chair of Staff Assembly serves as the leader of the Executive Committee and as the representative for staff at UC Davis. In addition to running the monthly meetings, the Staff Assembly Chair is responsible for representing all staff on campus committees, with UC Davis administration, and in the community.
  • Chair-Elect
  • The Chair-elect serves as the second in command on Staff Assembly and spends one year preparing to step into the Chair role. In addition to serving as the Chair when the Chair is unavailable, the Chair-elect oversees the various subcommittees that Staff Assembly facilitates throughout the year.
  • Events Chair
  • The Event Chair oversees the planning and implementation of  events hosted by Staff Assembly every year, including Thank Goodness for Staff (TGFS), monthly meetings, Third Thursdays, and other employee engagement activities.  The Events Chair may oversee an Events Committee to assist with the implementation of the various events.
  • Finance
  • The Finance Chair is responsible for the annual budget of for Staff Assembly. All budget and requisition requests go through the Finance Chair as they help Staff Assembly in their stewardship roles over gift funds and make strategic decisions about how we allocate our other funding, including the Thank Goodness for Staff (TGFS) event budget and planning oversight.
  • Member Outreach and Engagement Chair
  • The Member Outreach and Engagement Chair recruits staff members to join Staff Assembly as well as helps identify individuals to run for leadership roles on the Executive Committee.
  • Secretary
  • The Secretary provides oversight of the Staff Assembly bylaws and processes throughout the year. Additionally, they support the Membership chair in the recruitment of Executive Committee members and oversees the annual election of Executive Committee members. The secretary also collaborates with the Staff Assembly Coordinator in creating the Staff Assembly annual report.
  • Communications Chair
  • The Communications Chair provides content management and consultation on the  Staff Voice and the Staff Assembly website as well as strategic marketing and messaging advice for Staff Assembly initiatives.


Molly Bechtel
Sam Bishop-Green
Jennifer Jackson
Communications Chair
Jaime Allen
Events Co-Chair
Lauren McDiarmid
Events Co-Chair
Delisha Gordon-Brown
Finance Chair
Carol Swafford
Member Outreach and Engagement Chair
Paul Cody
Past Chair
Kyle Urban