Staff Assembly Bylaws

Staff Assembly Bylaws

Proposed Changes to Staff Assembly Bylaws

Staff Assembly's Executive Committee is proposing several changes to Staff Assembly's Bylaws in order to accurately reflect current practices and express them in a manner that is transparent, inclusive and encourages participation.  Per the terms of our bylaws, we are making the proposed changes, which have been reviewed and approved by the Staff Assembly Executive Committee, and are now available for your consideration. Please take time to help us review the changes.

In the next Staff Voice, we will provide a link to a ballot in Qualtrics where all staff can cast a vote approving or rejecting our proposed revisions. The results will be announced in the subsequent Staff Voice.  Please review our proposed changes (linked to copy of bylaws) and cast your vote when you receive the ballot link in the next issue of the Staff Voice.


 Summary of proposed bylaws changes:

Formatting changes
  • Minor changes have been proposed throughout the document to improve formatting, consistency and accuracy of the text. These changes do not affect the content of the Bylaws, thus are not highlighted on the review document to provide you a easy to review document.
Update and clarify responsibilities of Executive Committee positions
  • Significant changes have been made to clarify some Executive Committee and Staff Assembly Coordinator responsibilities. These were provided by the Executive Committee to update responsibilities to reflect what is being done and streamline activities.

By vote of UC Davis staff, the UC Davis Staff Assembly's Bylaws were last revised on January 23, 2017.

Proposed Bylaw Changes


Summary of Bylaw changes approved May, 2015

Summary of Bylaw changes approved January, 2017