Staff Voice, the publication of the UC Davis Staff Assembly, aims to keep staff informed of staff related initiatives, news, and events. The Staff Voice is published twice a month during the academic year and once a month in December and during the summer (July through September). 

To submit an article to the Staff Voice, please email at least one week prior to the publish date of the issue. If this deadline isn’t met, your submission can be considered for publication in the next issue.

Requirements and more information:

  • A short description of no more than 500 characters
  • A square image
  • A hyperlink in which readers can learn more
  • For any questions, please email

  • Submissions must be related to UC Davis staff.
  • Staff Assembly reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of articles submitted for publication.
  • Please ensure your submission has been thoroughly proofed for spelling and grammar, and provides up-to-date, factual information.
  • The Staff Voice team is not responsible for errors.
  • Submissions must contain a title, date, and contact information.
  • Please ensure that your content is accessible. Meaning, among other things, that people using readers will be able to understand your article. Do not include information that is ONLY listed in a picture or graphic. For more information, see or
  • Staff Assembly reserves the right to edit submissions.
  • If you would like to submit content to be featured in Staff Voice, please email the following items to

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