Career Development

If You Had a Magic Wand, What Would You Change About Your Career?

Feeling stuck? Would you like something in your career that is new, better, different? What if you had a magic wand and you could wave it to figure things out, change an aspect of your career, achieve your goals? There is a lot of noise out there – all the shoulds and coulds playing their tunes that annoyingly repeat in our heads. Maybe the magic wand would bring you a pause, a quiet time of reflection, or perhaps a burst of energy and action steps to take now. If you choose, “pause,” consider nurturing yourself through reflective writing, meditation, yoga, or walking.

Think Outside the Box - Think about Transferable Skills

You acquire transferable skills in your everyday workplace without even knowing it. You transfer skills from one situation, activity or job to another, including your future professional endeavors. They are action verbs, which become handy as you use them in your resume or self-accomplishment statements—a perfect time of year to be thinking about this. At work, how do you take all those great skills—whether interpersonal, communication, leadership, technical, organizational or a host of other skills—and translate them to you future career pursuits?

Career Counseling for Staff - Lucky You!

Can you benefit from career counseling? You might, and here’s why. At UC Davis, we have a career counselor that is specifically dedicated to STAFF and she understands what they want in their careers and how to help them get there. Career counseling is a one-on-one, confidential service and staff are eligible for two individual appointments per fiscal year without charge. To schedule an appointment, call Staff Development and Professional Services at 530-752-1766.

Ready for you Now - An Abundance of Career Management Resources!

As you settle into 2018, take advantage of the abundance of career management resources for UC Davis staff this year. Start with yourself. Start now. Take advantage of the ever-increasing opportunities to learn and to grow your career while working at our vast university. You are one of our more than 30,000 talented employees, and your continuous learning will reap innovation and advance the UC Davis strategic vision of the future.

Tapping Your Energy – Introversion or Extroversion?!

When you understand where you instinctively draw your energy, possibilities show up in great (and sometimes quiet, peaceful) places. Applying your energy style to your career is an excellent top-of-the-year awareness tool. You probably have a hunch as to whether you prefer to tap introversion energy or extroversion energy. Those who prefer introversion draw their energy from reflection and enjoy quiet time for pondering; they tend to like deeper conversations with fewer people, thinking through their words before speaking them.

Transitioning to Retirement Workshops Offered in Winter Quarter

Transitioning to Retirement – What you need to know to plan and prepare.

Dates & Location: please see  below      

DAVIS CAMPUS:  January 10, 17, 24, 31. Staff session 9 am to noon – Faculty session 1 to 4:00 pm – UC Davis Conference Center, Campus.

HEALTH SYSTEM CAMPUS: February 14, 21, 28 and March 7th. Staff sessions 9 am to noon – Faculty sessions 1 to 4:00 pm – Cancer Center Auditorium, UC Davis Health System


Nourish your brain, career and well-being at noon!

Nourish your brain, career and well-being at noon!

Lunch is good for you – not just for nutritional purposes but also for creativity, career development, worklife integration and general well-being. At UC Davis there is no shortage of energy-packed, engaging programs and activities offered during the noon hour. You can nourish your brain, career and general well-being through a great line-up of noontime offerings.