TGFS Giveaways

Although we cannot gather together for Thanks Goodness for Staff, Staff Assembly wants to send a bit of the TGFS fun directly to you. 

All staff at the Davis campus are eligible to receive a giveaway from Staff Assembly as a token of our appreciation for everything you do to make UC Davis great. Staff will be able to pick from three options: a bamboo cutting board, embroidered ball cap, or a reusable food storage bag and straw.

Use this form to indicate your giveaway preference and how you would like to receive it. *In-person pickup at the UC Davis Stores and distribution by mail are the options. In-person pickup will take place between Monday, May 17 and Friday, May 28 during the UC Davis Store's hours. Items will be mailed after Monday, May 21. In-person pickup is preferred. As an added bonus for folks picking up their giveaway item, you will also be able to get a TGFS pin while supplies last. 

*Everyone must complete a Daily Symptom Survey before entering a university-managed facility. A daily symptom survey is a requirement for all UC Davis-operated facilities anywhere in California and serves as a reminder to pay attention to your symptoms.

Giveaway Interest Form


Giveaway Options

bamboo cutting board

Bamboo Cutting Board

Ball cap

Embroidered Ball Cap

Reusable food storage bag and straw

Reusable Storage Bag and Straw

Please note: Supplies are limited. This form is to indicate preference, but depending on the time you submit this form and/or pickup, we cannot guarantee you will be able to receive your first choice item. Only Davis campus staff are eligible for a giveaway item. Only one giveaway item per staff member is allowed.