2022 Staff Awards Recipients

Staff Assembly recognizes the 2022 Citations of Excellence and Scholarship recipients.

2022 Staff Awards

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Citations of Excellence

Staff Assembly’s annual Citations for Excellence awards program provides recognition for individual staff and staff teams. Thanks to generous support from the Office of the Chancellor, Staff Assembly awarded more than $20,000 to 8 individual staff members, three staff teams, and two Faculty Staff Partnerships. 

Innovation Award

Andy Richmond, Programmer, Information and Educational Technology Academic Applications

  • Honorable Mention: Lynn Fowler, Sacramento Valley College Corps Interim Consortium Director, Internship and Career Center

Mentorship Award

Paul Cody, Assistant Director, Center for Student Involvement 

Service Award

Shaunte Hill, Project Coordinator, Air Quality Research Center

  • Honorable Mention: Brennen Dyer, Lab Assistant 3, Entomology/Nematology

Supervision Award

Brooke Noonan, Chief Administrative Officer, Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Honorable Mentions: Stefanie Carroll, Laboratory Manager, Comparative Pathology Lab

Teaching Award

Matthew St. Amant, Finance and Operations Analyst, School of Nursing

Faculty & Staff Partnership Award

College of Engineering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Lamia Hajani, Development and External Relations Coordinator, Dean’s Office
  • Cindy Rubio Gonzalez, Faculty Assistant to the Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, College of Engineering and Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Ahamed Md Shamim, Assistant Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Zhaojun Bai, Professor, Computer Science
  • Michele Barbato, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sherry Batin, R&D Engineer – ESDC, Dean’s Office
  • Colleen Bronner, Associate Professor of Teaching, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Yesenia Tucker, Cervantes, AvenueE – Director, Dean’s Office
  • Shannon Chee, IT Lead & Information Security Analyst, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering
  • Camille Fink, Senior Editor, CEE/UC Pavement Research Center
  • Michael Hill, Senior Editor, CEE/UC Pavement Research Center
  • Valeria La Saponara, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Greg Miller, Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Jennifer Mullin, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Sabrina Oliver, Academic Personnel Specialist, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Joël Porquet-Lupine, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Computer Science
  • Zubair Shafiq, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Sanjeevi Sivasankar, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Yayoi Takamura, Professor and Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Akin Wakefield, Research & Graduate Studies Development Coordinator, Dean’s Office
  • Lauren Worrell, Graduate Program Coordinator, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Honorable Mentions

UC Davis Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials Partnership

  • Jully Pires, Clinical Trial Coordinator, Veterinary Medicine Deans Office
  • Sean Hulsebosch, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Medicine Medicine & Epidemiology

Campus and Community Contributions Team Award

Student Housing & Dining Services and Facilities Management Custodial Teams

Honorable Mentions

The ÓRALE COVID-19 Testing Team for Central and Northern California Hispanics

  • Jose Florez, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences
  • Casey Castro, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences
  • Robert Ganac, Laboratory Technician, Public Health Sciences
  • Alfredo López Aguirre, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences
  • Salvador Aréchiga Lopez, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences
  • Brian Shieh, Laboratory Technician, Public Health Sciences
  • Conrado Preciado, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences
  • Leyla Yamila Teos, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences
  • Glenda Espinal, Clinical Research Coordinator, Public Health Sciences
  • Jasmine Montes, Research Assistant, Public Health Sciences
  • Jose Luis Lopez Garcia, Research Assistant, Public Health Sciences
  • Pedro Garcia, Laboratory Technician, Public Health Sciences

UC Davis Law Career Services Counseling Team

  • Natalie Butcher, Associate Director of Career Services, School of Law Dean's Office
  • Lisa Carlock, Associate Director of Career Services, School of Law Dean's Office
  • Sofia Parino, Associate Director of Career Services, School of Law Dean's Office
  • Alec Nocco, Associate Director of Career Services, School of Law Dean's Office
  • Denise Martin, Career Services Coordinator, School of Law Dean's Office
  • Kim Thomas, Manager of Recruitment Systems, School of Law Dean's Office


Staff and staff dependents were awarded more than $25,000 in scholarships.

Staff Dependent Scholarships

Dependents of:

  • Antoinette Olano-Defensor, Business Analyst, UCD- Veterinary Dean's Office
  • Olga Ravlo, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy
  • Viet Hoang, Information Systems Analyst, UCDHS- Academic Info Systems
  • Michael Valenzuela, Academic Advisor, L&S Dean's Office
  • Linda Deering, Financial Analyst, Crocker Nuclear Lab
  • Alexandru Musat, Professional Engineer, Facilities Planning & Development

Larry Vanderhoef Staff Scholarship 

  • Heather Gastellum, ASUCD Advisor, Associated Students of UC Davis
  • Dina McHugh, Curriculum Planner, Medical Administrations- Student Affairs

Larry Vanderhoef Staff Scholarship & UC Davis Health Pride Scholarship

  • Em Doolittle, Basic Needs Advocate, Student Housing and Dining Services 

Latinx Staff & Faculty Association Scholarship (UC Davis)

  • Neda Derakhshanian, Clinical Pharmacy Technician, Anticoagulation Department
  • Monica Quintana-Valencia, Clinical Nurse, D-14 Orthopedics
  • Cynthia Sanchez, Undergraduate Education and Advising, College of Letters & Sciences

Latinx Staff & Faculty Association Scholarship (UC Davis Health)

  • Cindy Garcia, Patient Biller, PBG/GMC Unit
  • Mercedes Piedra, Director of Healing Centered & Restorative Education, Office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

UC Davis Health Latinx Staff & Faculty Association Scholarship & UC Davis Health Pride Scholarship

  • Shani Ali, Medical Office Services Coordinator, Radiology Imaging

Margene E. Orzalli Endowment Scholarship

  • Jade Pratt, Chemistry Specialist, Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers
  • Leticia Garay, Undergraduate Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissions

Staff Assembly Scholarships (UC Davis)

  • Ruby Bal, Policy Analyst, Academic Senate Office
  • Rasilind Berks, Desktop Support Specialist, Phoenix Cluster
  • Dorrel Chand, Analyst, Business Operations Center
  • Joyce Fernandez, Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Biology Academic Success Center
  • Kimberly Hatfield, Medical Office Services Coordinator, Patient Contact Center
  • Lizbeth Lopez, Policy Analyst, Academic Senate Office
  • Luis Morales, Bodega Marine Reserve Steward, Natural Reserve System
  • Timothy Samartino, Instructional Designer, School of Veterinary Medicine

Staff Assembly Scholarships (UC Davis Health)

  • Danielle Beadles, Practice Manager, Surgery Clinic
  • Allison Donnalley, Clinical Data Analyst, Heart & Vascular Center
  • Michelle Ho, Student Affairs Officer, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
  • Mina Solis Alamo, EPSDT Case Manager/ Housing Case Manager, Department of Pediatrics
  • Gabrielle Tovar, Academic Personnel Analyst, Office of Academic Personnel UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis Health African American Faculty & Staff Association Scholarship

  • Daniella Hanson, Donor Relations Analytics Manager, Development
  • Shaunte Hill, Project Coordinator, Air Quality Research Center

UC Davis Health PRIDE Scholarship

  • Michael GinzburgProsthetist/Orthotist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapies

UC Davis Retiree’s Association Career Enhancement Award

  • Brenna Rizan, Perinatal Social Worker, Ellison OB/GYN Practice
  • Mitchell Salvador, Reservation & Media Specialist, Center for Student Involvement
  • Cynthia Sanchez, Undergraduate Education and Advising, College of Letters & Sciences