On December 14, 2017 Staff Assembly and HR held an all staff town hall to discuss the results of the 2017 Engagement Survey. The surveys’ goal is to understand the current state of engagement of the non-represented UC workforce, identify actions to enhance strengths and address gaps, measure results over time, and consider these results along with related information, such as Ombuds reports and grievance data. Over 400 joined in on site and online. You can view the presentation here and you can download a pdf of the complete results here.


All-Staff Town Hall Wrap-Up


All-Staff Town Hall


Provost Ralph Hexter, welcomed everyone to the All Staff Meeting - those in the ARC and those joining via Livestream. Ralph Hexter noted that staff engagement is very important to him and to Chancellor May.


Provost Ralph Hexter
Provost Ralph Hexter making opening remarks


The meeting was interactive, both for those in the audience at the ARC, and those joining via Livestream. Using the "Poll Everywhere" technology, staff answered questions on their smart phones that generated word clouds almost instantaneously. This interactive element truly allowed the staff voice to be heard in live time as those present at the Town Hall and staff streaming the event were able to submit their thoughts. The Provost asked staff to respond to the question "What does employee engagement mean to you?" and the responses generated the following word cloud. The word cloud that was created featured the words communication, equality, and inclusion most prominently.

Engagement Word Cloud


The meeting included a presentation by Lina Layiktez, Chair of CUCSA (Council of University of California Staff Assemblies). She talked about the history of the staff engagement survey and why CUCSA decided it was such an important topic. 

 Brenda Rebman, Chief Human Resources Officer, led the audience through the 2017 CUCSA survey results. CUCSA surveys were also conducted in 2012 and 2015, so benchmarking is now available. In general, there's an upward trend in the results though there's still a lot of room for improvement.  

This presentation is available as a PDF here, which includes a breakdown of the results discussed at this Town Hall. You can also watch the recorded livestream of the presentation, with the live comments and discussion here.

The final part of the meeting included Q & A with members of Staff Assembly Executive Committee, Chair Kate Shasky, and Chair-Elect, Brian Wadell; Brenda Rebman, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Brenda Scalzi, Chair of Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee (SDAAC).

Pictured left to right: Kate Shasky (Chair of Staff Assembly), Brenda Scalzi (Chair of SDAAC), Brian Wadell (Chair-Elect of Staff Assembly), and Brenda Rebman (Chief Human Resources Officer)


Staff can continue to submit questions at engagementfeedback@ucdavis.edu.  If you missed the Town Hall, watch the replay here and a link to the presentation slides is here.

Do you want to get involved and be part of the change? Email staffvoice@ucdavis.edu and let us know what you're interested in. We will get you started!