"We’re In This Together" Recognition

"We’re In This Together" Recognition

We asked staff to provide us with recognition stories regarding their experiencing with the return to campus plan. We received 39 submissions highlighting many departments and individuals across campus. 

With many departments working on campus through the pandemic, staff shared inspiring stories about their teams and the different ways in which they support each other on campus through the pandemic and what their departments are doing to support staff during this difficult time. Thank you to all who participated, and to everyone who received a shout-out - we appreciate your hard work and recognize your positive impact that carries beyond your team or department. 


Shout Out Narratives:

  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Deans Office
  • "Our O&M Team that takes care of the Contained Research Facility. I know how short staffed many of the shops were at times and we have appreciated that you have done so much to keep us running smoothly. We have people from every shop to thank for this. We couldn't do our work without you. You are all so amazing. " -Tiffanie 
  • Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers
  • "The AATC team did an amazing job throughout the pandemic offering all of our services remotely.  The results of the Student Satisfaction survey clearly show the AATC team worked hard and did an outstanding job of providing academic support to thousands of students.  We achieved a 36% increase in student satisfaction during the pandemic.  The AATC team put in the same passion and dedication to returning to in-person academic support services while continuing remote options for students. So proud of the staff, tutors, and students for jumping back in to Fall 2021 and making student success the priority once again."   -Carol Hunter
  • Aggie Compass
  • "Aggie Compass have been fantastic partners with our AB540 and Undocumented Student Center providing financial, administrative, and publicity assistance to ensure our students can thrive nutritionally all while working on campus throughout the pandemic: shout-out to Nubia, Howard, Leslie, and the student team providing crucial services to our community!" -Ignacio Alarcón (Nacho)
  • All Custodial Personnel
  • "Shout out to all the custodial personnel who have been on campus and the front lines throughout the pandemic.  You are the reason this University was able to remain open through the pandemic and the reason we have been able to return to in person housing and instruction.  These teams work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to keep our campus clean and disinfected.  Take a minute today to thank your custodial partners for their often unseen contributions to the success of UC Davis!  Thank you custodial teams!" 
  • California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab - Davis Pathology department 
  • "When the campus first limited staffing in 2020, the pathology technicians planned to work alternating weeks in order to fulfill the 50% staffing.  It only lasted about a week and a half and the three technicians have been coming in to work full time ever since.  Their job is not one that can be done from home and the work load only slowed down for that first week and a half.  They have come in every day, even with the ever changing rules and a few exposure scares, and given 110%. They found a variety of ways to keep up morale in spite of the stress of the pandemic."
  • Carlson Health Sciences ILL Team 
  • "A big shout out to the Carlson Health Sciences Library ILL team. Throughout the pandemic they were able to continue ILL article services to researchers, doctors, students, and faculty. They did a huge clean up of the Carlson Health Sciences Library prior to reopening. Their hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. Go Team!" -Bambi, Donis, Bonnie and Lilia
  • College of Biological Sciences Dean's Office 
  • "My supervisor Nicole Rabaud and co-worker Najwa Marrush have done a fantastic job being flexible and making the office feel safe and welcoming as we adjust back to work. Huge shout out to them for creating an amazing work environment for returning to work." -Steve Ross
  • Center for Educational Effectiveness - Learning and Teaching Team 
  • "The Teaching Assistant Consultants (TACs) and staff from the Learning and Teaching team in the Center for Educational Effectiveness safely welcomed over 1100 new teaching assistants to UC Davis during Teaching Assistant Orientation. To help with the return back to campus, the staff and TACs developed a hybrid model where incoming TAs reviewed the materials in self-paced modules prior to attending sessions. Once in-person, they engaged in application of the content with interdisciplinary peers while the TACs facilitated discussion on the material, which included content on anti-racism and equity. This model made the training more accessible and created a balance between in-person and online learning." -Kem Saichaie 
  • Central Purchasing
  • "Central Purchasing was able to save one of our researchers approximately $1200 on a piece of equipment, with just a simple form." -Jim Vanderveen
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • "Our department CAO scheduled a "cleaning day" as we prepared to come back to campus so we could clean up our offices and make sure our computers were working.  Not only did the office order all the cleaning supplies we needed, we also were treated to a boxed lunch so we could have a little time to catch up in person when we haven't seen each other in quite a while!" -Brooke Noonan and Sabrina Oliver
  • Coffee House Staff
  • "The Coffee House staff have been working really hard to re-open operations after being closed for months. In addition to incorporating new menu items, they've also had to hire and train mostly new student staff. I just bought my first coffee from CoHo South Cafe, and the student who helped me was very friendly and helpful. Congrats to the CoHo staff on training all the new students so well!"
  • Community Resource & Retention Centers
  • "The Community Resource & Retention Centers (CRRC) team has been providing holistic support to students in community with love and compassion.  Additionally, I want to thank the team for their support and care for one another during these difficult years.  Truly an exceptional group of staff that continues to cultivate a more just campus environment.  Keep transforming!" -Mayra Llamas
  • Custom Training and Services / Human Resources / Continuing and Professional Education
  • "Our team is doing an exemplary job supporting our counties and their community partners.  We are responsible for scheduling trainings for all of the California Counties...When COVID hit, we had to move to virtual training as 99.9% of our trainings were in-person. Our Custom Training and Services team rallied and rose to the challenge, supporting our counties with whatever they needed.  We managed to calm the fears of the counties and show them that virtual training does work. We had a yearly unit goal to meet and we actually surpassed that goal.  Thank you to all on this remarkable and resilient team!!" -Amy Spakosky
  • Design and Construction Management
  • "How about a big Shout out to DCM staff and Inspection staff who has never left and to continued through the Pandemic to keep all the projects on task and schedule. Also for the Big shift team for getting the roadways open , its been tough for all to see co workers staying home during the pandemic as they ( DCM inspection and contactors) continue to stay on campus during all this they deserve a shout out "
  • Development and Alumni Relations Business Services
  • "The Development and Alumni Relations division’s Business Services team, led by Deb Coleman, has truly gone above and beyond during the past year and a half. Andrea Garcia worked on campus throughout the pandemic, playing a key role in ensuring that our day-to-day operations went uninterrupted. Lynn Keehn, Carissa Codd and Kelley Schwagerus have been tremendously helpful resources to the various teams in the Conference Center, particularly during our office's recent transition back onto campus, providing everything from logistical support to recruitment assistance. The Business Services team’s thoughtfulness, patience and good cheer helped make for a much smoother transition. Thank you Deb, Andrea, Lynn, Carissa and Kelley!!!" -Corinna Fish and the Proposal Services Team
  • Early Academic Outreach Program
  • "I am part of the amazingly resilient UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program team.  A team is not a group of people who work together, it is a group of people who love, respect and support one another.  This is a team that pivoted on 3/16/20 from an in-person program to a virtual program that by 3/20/20 was fully online serving its students through  a whole suite of online meeting tools that it quickly adopted and learned. The transition to home office environment was facilitated through quick thinking, creativity and ongoing support for each other as colleagues and friends who knew how difficult our work and personal situation was.  Through it all, our team innovated and reconnected with the youth and families it serves in the best way it could.  The team led online pre-college workshops, created and implemented virtual academies and enrichment offerings and never lost site of the need to stay connected and practice self care with love and understanding typical of a family unit.  
    As we have begun our return to campus, our team again had to muster its energy and creative energy to organize the unit’s move across campus from Haring to Dutton Hall.  Without missing a beat, plans were 
    laid out collaboratively amongst the team that facilitated not only the move but also an agreement as to how we would transition to our campus office and how to best do so in a manner that was safe and in keeping with campus mandates.  Our team modeled excellent communication and mutual support to develop a return plan that was inclusive of everyone’s emotional and practical needs as well as how to effectively and creatively us a smaller space despite having a large number of student staff.  Major kudos to UC Davis’s EAOP!" -Harold Stewart Carballo
  • Enrollment Management
  • "On March 1, 2021, I went out on what was supposed to be a 4-6 week surgery leave. I ended up being out for six months because my husband died from COVID on March 31. 
    There are SO MANY people to thank for their support: Nadia Vasquez, who was my leave specialist, ensured that all I had to do was sign one or two forms so I could access my husband's death benefits. Chris Muyo, Esme Calderon, Brittani Muller, May Melby, and Christina Grant for holding down the fort while I was busy getting the mental and physical health care my boys and I needed. The entire Financial Aid & Scholarships department for their kindness and generosity (read: they made sure my boys and I weren't hungry), and all of the staff in Enrollment Management for making sure I knew I was being thought of (and often!). I'm sure I've forgotten some folks (and for that, I apologize). I have told so many friends and family members about the support I received from Enrollment Management and Campus HR while I was experiencing this most unwanted education. It's time they knew how much it meant to me." -Kathleen Lancaster
  • Facilities Management
  • "Facilities Management staff have done a fantastic job over the past 17+ months.  During the initial suspension of operations, they diligently assisted with signage and other covid related protocols, pivoting and adjusting as protocols changed.  They worked very hard to prepare buildings for re-occupancy this fall.  Some of their projects included auditing buildings by doing walk-throughs for over 8m square feet, approximately 96% of campus space (excluding housing and dining). They viewed and addressed lighting issues, leaks, graffiti, door repairs, and much more.  The teams that participated in this program were Building Maintenance Services, Custodial Services, Asset Management & the Customer Experience Center.  Additionally, our Utilities unit launched a wastewater/sewer testing project that provided insight into possible outbreaks.  Our Fleet Services teams worked to tackle maintenance on vehicles not in use to be ready for the return of departmental staff on campus.  It's been amazing to watch it all come together and see these groups work in support of campus initiatives, staff, students, and faculty."
  • Finance, Operations & Administration / Social Media / Strategic Communications 
  • "Shout out to BreAnda Northcutt and Andrew Larsen of FOA for sharing their beautifully designed face mask posters with UC ANR programs to customize and use! We are using them for our 4-H Youth Development Program, UC Master Gardener Program, UC Master Food Preserver Program, and other programs delivered through the Cooperative Extension offices. Also a Shout Out to Sallie Poggi for connecting us and including UC ANR in the Social Communicators group. It's great to feel included and to be able to share resources with each other." -Suzanne Morikawa
  • Fleet Services
  • "A big shout out to our team at Fleet Services, they have remained on-site throughout the pandemic. At the beginning schedules were altered for a short time to accommodate 50% staffing levels, but soon returned to 100% on-site. Our Service and Parts teams have been on-site to complete vehicle maintenance, repairs and respond to breakdowns to keep essential vehicles on the road. Our Dispatch team has also remained on-site and supported staff/customer travel needs by helping with vehicle reservations and remain available to answer any questions. During this time a new automated vehicle reservation system “UCDrive” was launched proving customers the ability to make online reservations. Fleet received many inquiries from departments regarding best practices for both proper vehicle cleaning procedures and for keeping transport vehicles safe with Vehicle PPE; providing this information quickly kept the departments operating. We want to recognize the Fleet team for their teamwork, and resilience; we appreciate their dedication and support to keep the campus moving!" 
  • Finance, Operations and Administration IT
  • "Just a general shout out to my fellow staff members at FOA-Administrative IT.  As computer support, while we could do much remotely, we needed to have staff on site for equipment issues ( i.e. picking up new computers, getting monitors and network cables etc. the stuff suddenly needed when working from home).  We have three very dedicated individuals that stayed working onsite through the entire pandemic to assist our clients with their equipment needs.  Huge thanks to Eric Norman, Laren Ferguson and Jacob Kitada.  Without them, some of us would've had to go back sooner than we were ready to.  I work with an awesome team!" -Eric, Laren, and Jacob
  • Health and Safety, OSSJA and Student Health
  • "We have been so grateful for the help and support of Eric Kvigne, Gaby Renteria, Cory Vu, Daniel Segal, Marilyn Derby and so many others in Health and Safety, OSSJA and Student Health that have provided quick, prompt and helpful answers to our many questions.  It has not gone unnoticed all of the time and effort you all put in to make our campus safe and keep our community healthy.  Always amazed at the same-day response time of returned emails and the willingness to engage with every issue, from one student's needs to an entire department's.  THANK YOU!" -School of Law
  • Office of University Registration / Undergraduate Admissions
  • "Shout out to the Transfer Credit Team within the OUR & UGA's Brenda Fudge for navigating remote work while fully meeting the needs of the *thousands* of students that come to UC Davis for two years now. Your efforts have ensured not just the processing of records which are imperative to student success upon arrival, but also that the customer service experience is top-notch for both students and stakeholders around campus. You are heroes and deeply appreciated!" 
  • Student Affairs Strategic Communications
  • "The Student Affairs Strategic Communications team for doing a phenomenal job with campus communication that impacts students' engagement." -Mayra
  • Staff and Faculty Health and Well-Being: Dr. Neesha Patel, Connie Tan and their team
  • "Housing and the Kitchen feeding our students researchers, and Marine Lab!! - Cherrise, Jackie and Roberta

  • Mouse Biology Program Vivarium Staff
  • "My staff has been working throughout the pandemic to ensure the health and welfare of all rodents that we care for. As we all know when we take on these types of jobs, animal care is 24/7/365 days a year, so working from home was never an option. My team came in every day making sure things were getting done. I really appreciate their hard work and dedication!"
  • Office of the University Registrar
  • "Shout out to the Office of the University Registrar Scheduling team, who have been working through shortened time frames for deadlines, assisting over 230 campus partners regularly to ensure that the Fall term was ready for our students to return to campus while continuing to coordinate Winter 2022, Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 at the same time. 
    Scheduling team, Hannah McCarthy, Breanna Cano, Ryley Fairfield, and Monica Revuelta, you are all such a vital piece to this campus and we cannot THANK YOU enough for the continued support, hard work, and dedication, and continuing to keep a positive attitude, and maintaining to continue to collaborate and engage in a positive team culture and support one another. Thank you for remembering the "Why" we do this and always keeping our students at the forefront of every decision." -Lisa Tadlock Scheduling Supervisor 
  • School of Law IT Department
  • "The School of Law IT Department ALWAYS does a phenomenal job of assisting School of Law staff, but they have really gone above and beyond during the pandemic.  They were available whenever our staff needed them, they did remote and Zoom sessions with us, and were generally amazing.  SO grateful for their assistance now and always!" 
  • Student Housing and Dining Services
  • "I supervise 3 Office Coordinators (Jen Shulin, Elizabeth Martinez and Kristine Hager), who oversee our Area Service Desks where our first-year residence hall students live. Since the beginning of this pandemic, they have continued to provide exemplary service to both the students that live there and their teams of 20+ student staff who work the mailrooms and desks where residents can pick up packages and get lockout cards.  
    Even through a lot of uncertainty and change, their commitment never wavered.  
    18 months later and they're now preparing to move in our largest student population yet and they haven't missed a beat. I want to recognize their dedication, teamwork and resilience and feel extremely fortunate to be their supervisor!" -Leilani Reiff
  • Student Staff at the Welcome Center
  • "I wanted to thank our Student Staff in the Welcome Center.  We have Public Advisors, Student Ambassador Council and Tour Guides.  Without their hard work and enthusiasm, we would not be able to reopen and serve our customers.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!" -Brenda Fudge Jensen
  • Testing Kios ARC Staff
  • "Thank You to ALL of the Student Staff that put in countless hours working at the COVID-19 testing site at the ARC in an effort to keep the campus open. Keep up the good work!!!" -Marissa Wright
  • IT Department (ISG) with Student Health
  • "The IT folks with Student Health have been the hidden heroes of the COVID testing and vaccine clinics. They have been making sure students and employees can get tested, answering questions outside of their normal field of business, and continuing to do their normal full time jobs. While many people may think that things happen automatically because they are logging into a computer to enter information, there's a small team of people who are busy fixing things and making sure everything is still working." -Jessica Grimm
  • UC Davis Library
  • "UC Davis was the only campus in the UC system to open its main library last year. Library staff worked quickly during summer 2020 to reconfigure seating, signage and operations at both Shields Library and Blaisdell Medical Library at UC Davis Health to allow students to study and attend online classes at the library while maintaining physical distancing.  
    The library also partnered closely with the Aggie Public Health Ambassadors (a big shout-out to their team, too!) to help with compliance with face-covering, physical distancing, and other requirements like the daily symptom survey and face covering. 
    At the same time, the library team found creative new ways to support students and faculty who remained off-campus — offering more streaming media and ebooks, research consultations over Zoom, digital course reserves, and a book shipping service — while the medical library supported those on the front lines with the latest information about the pandemic. We appreciate your dedication, adaptability and can-do attitude in solving every new challenge that came our way this year!"
  • UC Davis Police Department Aggie Host Devision
  • "The Aggie Host Security program has been working through the pandemic from onsite Security to Saferide requests. These students have been working long hours during the day and night to ensure the safety and well-being of the UC Davis Campus. The UC Davis Police Department has done an amazing job supporting the student employees." -Ernesto Moron, Manager
  • UC Davis Veterinary Hospital
  • "A big shout out to the team of doctors and technicians that kept the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital open and caring for the thousands and thousands of pets needing care this last 18+ months.  Working with staff shortages, changing COVID protocols, PPE supply issues, and keeping cool with clients who need to stay outside during less than nice weather, everyone has made the best of the circumstances. From pet and wildlife rescue following California fires, to giving vaccines to new furry family members, to protecting herds and flocks, to stables of larger companions, and many many unusual and typical emergencies, the VMTH team has performed admirably." 
  • Welcome Center-Undergraduate Admissions
  • "For the most part, we have been working remotely.  There was a time last summer that we came back for a bit, but then moved back to remote.  I wanted to commend Lanette Bingaman-Rodriguez for her efforts in keeping us all moving in the right direction.  Her attention to detail is amazing.  She worked diligently to make sure we all had what we needed for remote work and for returning to campus.  We are now back on campus.  Our Welcome Center is a true gem, a beautiful place to work and we can thank Lanette for that." -Brenda Fudge Jensen