On August 24, 2017 the Staff Diversity Administrative Advisory Committee (SDAAC) and Staff Assembly hosted a workshop designed to empower UC Davis staff to work with staff diversity data and learn more about interpreting data to inform policy decisions. Fifty-six staff members from both the Davis and Sacramento campuses came together to discuss topics related to staff diversity, equity and inclusion, with a focus on race/ethnicity and gender representation within different job classifications, STEM fields, and how staff demographics align with our student population.

We received excellent feedback from participants, who overwhelmingly appreciated the opportunity to network, having a space to think critically about staff diversity, and hearing new perspectives. The workshop planning committee is now analyzing all of the feedback from the workshop to draft a white paper that will be shared with the campus. Our recommendations related to staff diversity will complement the visionary work conducted for the UC Davis Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

Special thanks go to Director of Diversity and Inclusion Rich Shintaku, Staff Assembly Past-Chair Darolyn Striley, Analyst Laura Cerruti, and Assistant Director Brittany Derieg, from Student Affairs and Campus Diversity, and Govind Acharya, Principle Analyst in Budget and Institutional Analysis. Many thanks as well to our attendees for their insight and willingness to engage with this critically important work. It was a day of discovery and excitement! Both SDAAC and Staff Assembly are excited to continue having meaningful conversations about staff diversity and promoting a culture of data-driven decision making for all staff at UC Davis.

Read the report by clicking the link below