Where's Gunrock!?

We had a great year playing the ‘Where’s Gunrock?!’ contest!

We had almost triple the amount of people play with almost double the amount of winners, 11 of you were 100% correct in your submission. I enjoyed all the Google maps that were made, the kind words that were shared, and the one staff member that replaced a caricature of himself in the exact same place Gunrock had visited! Thanks Carlos, I appreciated the laugh!

Alas we could only have one winner, congratulations Colin Goulding!  Colin had the lucky grand prize winner raffle ticket, a Southern California Vacation, from Get Away Today. We were able to surprise our other 10 winners with prizes from our TGFS vendors. Thank you AAA, The Walking Company, Mary Kay, Western Health Advantage, Sprint, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Where's Gunrock Winners!
Where's Gunrock Winners

Thank you again to all who participated and we hope to have another fun contest soon. Til next time!


Where's Gunrock!? contest rules and tips:

  1. All locations will be available to staff on the UC Davis Main Campus. For example, there won't be photos of Gunrock in private conference rooms, classrooms or offices.
  2. Submit your guesses here by July 1, 2018. You can also drop off your contest form, found below on the button "Log Form", at the HR Building to Asheley Greenlee. The form must be received before 12:00 p.m. on July 2, 2018. The winner will be announced in the July 13th Staff Voice.

  3. The winner will receive a Southern California Vacation, from Get Away Today, that includes 3-day/2 night hotel stay in Anaheim or San Diego and 2 adult 1-day Disneyland or SeaWorld tickets. If there are multiple winners, a drawing will determine the prizewinner.
  4. Stay tuned to Staff Voice! Hints might be given on the whereabouts of Gunrock.



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6/8 - Academic Surge, West Entrance
6/22 - Water Tower, next to Facilities Services
9/22 - Voorhies Hall Courtyard
10/6 - In front of King Hall, facing Mrak parking lot
10/20 - Meyer Hall Courtyard
11/3 - On the corner of Russell Boulevard and Howard Way
11/17 - Corridor in front of Wright Hall
12/1 - California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory, glass hallway connecting Maddy Lab and Thurman Lab
12/15 – Nature’s Gallery Court, part of Arboretum
1/5 – Phone Booth Memorial Union Unitrans Bus Terminal next to Hickey Gym
1/19 - Between Sciences Lecture Hall and Sciences Lab Building
2/2 – In front of Storer Hall
2/16 - Lake Spafford, part of Arboretum
3/2 - Stargazer Egghead North of Dutton Hall and East of North Hall
3/16 – On Cruess Hall entrance, facing the Plant and Environmental Sciences Building
3/29 - Between Environmental Horticulture and Hyatt Place Hotel
4/13 - Between Robbins Annex and Kerr Hall
4/27 - Stone poem, between Heitman Staff Learning Center and the Chemistry Building
5/25 – Russell Field, during TGFS
5/11 - Dairy Cattle Facility