Where's Gunrock?

Where's Gunrock!?

Gunrock is lost and needs some direction. Can you help?

Every Staff Voice issue will include a photo of Gunrock somewhere on the main campus guess the most locations correctly and win a trip to Southern California, courtesy of Get Away Today!

Where's Gunrock!? contest rules and tips:

  1. All locations will be available to staff on the UC Davis Main Campus. For example, there won't be photos of Gunrock in private conference rooms, classrooms or offices.
  2. In the first June issue of the Staff Voice, a link will be provided to submit your guesses, with a deadline of June 29, 2018, so keep track of your Gunrock sightings! You can also drop off your contest form at the HR Building to Asheley Greenlee. The form must be received before 4:00 p.m. on June 29, 2018.
  3. The winner will receive a Southern California Vacation, from Get Away Today, that includes 3-day/2 night hotel stay in Anaheim or San Diego and 2 adult 1-day Disneyland or SeaWorld tickets. If there are multiple winners, a drawing will determine the prizewinner.
  4. Stay tuned to Staff Voice! Hints might be given on the whereabouts of Gunrock.



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09-22-17, Hint: Perhaps Gunrock is smelling roses and reading some Shakespeare in this courtyard.