Volunteers Needed!!

Sign-up to volunteer at this year's Thank Goodness For Staff (TGFS) on Wednesday, May 16, 2018! 

All staff are welcome (and encouraged) to volunteer at this year's Thank Goodness for Staff Event! We are having three events this year - the main event at Russell Field, the Graveyard TGFS, and the Swing Shift TGFS - so that means we will need all the staff support we can get!

There's no food safety training necessary this year but we still need your help to greet staff and manage the food truck lines. Consider volunteering for a one-hour shift before or after you enjoy the TGFS festivities. In keeping with tradition, administrators will greet staff walking into TGFS, hand out water, and help manage the food truck lines. It is a small but meaningful way for administrators to thank staff for their contributions. You don't have to be an administrator to help though; we welcome all staff volunteers!

Please consider volunteering for a one-hour shift to better engage with your fellow UCD staff and acknowledge the hard work they do all year.

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