Participate in ProShare for Community and Career Opportunities

We want all staff to learn and grow at UC Davis, and helping you advance your career at UC Davis will always be a priority for Staff Assembly and Human Resources.

Since 2016, ProShare has fostered connections for hundreds of staff, managers and aspiring managers - providing a way to meet and learn from colleagues at both campuses. As we strive to improve the overall staff experience, programs like ProShare are invaluable for building community across UC Davis, while growing our talented staff.

ProShare also led to a new position for one participant in last year’s program, along with wonderful feedback from your colleagues (see below).  

Why This is So Important

In the 2020 Staff Experience Survey, UC Davis earned a 64, out of 100, from staff responding to “I have good career opportunities at UC Davis”. Career opportunity ranked near the bottom, along with staff thinking campus and their departments would take action on survey results.

ProShare is one of the many career-boosting opportunities we’ll continue supporting across UC Davis because it’s improving collaboration between departments and campuses, and directly addresses many of the comments received in the Staff Experience Survey.  

Staff Comments on Career Opportunity

from 2020 Staff Experience Survey

  • "I’d like a better understanding of my career opportunities within my own position. Is there room for growth and improving my skillset in my current position?"
  • "It seems like some people are hired because of connections and I have no room for personal growth in my department."
  • “Because of my type of job, there is not much opportunity in my current department.”

Explore Opportunities Through ProShare

Growth looks very different to each employee, and we like ProShare because participants can choose a path. For example, some staff want to meet others in very different jobs and departments, while others want to meet people in similar job functions.

With so many jobs at UC Davis and UC Davis Health, ProShare is a unique venue to experience the breadth of opportunities and departments where you might be a perfect fit, while getting new ideas and energy that you can immediately bring back to your department.

To the staff volunteers who are making ProShare possible, we can’t thank you enough. And to staff that aren’t able to participate this year, ProShare will return in 2023 – hopefully with some in-person elements.  

Thank you all for your service to the university!

Jennifer Jackson smiling at camera.

Jennifer Jackson
Staff Assembly Chair

Christine Lovely smiling at camera

Christine Lovely
Chief Human Resources Officer
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Great Reasons to Join ProShare

“ProShare opened my eyes to all of the possibilities at UC Davis for staff looking to build their network and grow professionally.”

– Carol Swafford, Student Affairs

"I found, and continue to find, that the program is great for introverts such as myself who prefer a smaller group to connect with, while still participating in larger group events."

– Olivia Gilbertson, College of Biological Sciences

“ProShare has been a wonderful addition to my professional development at UC Davis. I have formed long-lasting relationships with colleagues from diverse areas of campus, learned about their unique functions and gained an even deeper appreciation for the good work staff do to make UC Davis great.”

– Molly Bechtel, College of Engineering

“ProShare was a great way for me to better understand the campus, the departments and the staff when I was new to the campus. Being in a small unit, I wasn’t sure how to meet people and get involved with activities - ProShare became that conduit to some of my best memories at UC Davis.”

– Amy Burns, Facilities Management

“ProShare offered the unique opportunity to see organizational challenges from varied perspectives across the causeway. Networking with individuals from both Health and Campus provided me the insight that things are more alike at both UC Davis locations than we often think.”

– Jana Avila, Chair of UC Davis Health Staff Assembly

Free Career Counseling


All staff can get one-on-one career counseling to explore career options and goals.

The UC Davis career counselor can help you figure out your career trajectory at UC Davis.