Research diver takes photos of lava flow

Life's A Trip - Virtual Travel Photography Contest Gallery

Thank you to all UC Davis Staff who submitted and shared their spectacular travel photography with us!

Congratulations to our People's Choice Winners!

ADVENTURE WINNER - Stephani Leber - Cats of Egypt
  1. Runners Up: Alina Bara - Happiest Cow in the World, Trudi Vorderbruggen - Willow Creek, Wyoming

Cats of Egypt


ARTISTRY WINNER - Trudi Vorderbruggen - Lake McDonald, Montana
  1. Runners Up: Alina Bara - Antelope Canyon, AZ, Adriana Martin - The Resistance — Disneyland

Lake McDonald, Montana


HUMOR WINNER - Alina Bara - Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls
  1. Runners Up: Stephanie Fung - Sea Lion - Singapore, Jojo Melendres - As High and Fluffy

Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls


Individual winners will be contacted directly.

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