The annual Staff Assembly Awards ceremony was held on September 6th at the Walter Buehler Alumni Center Moss Patio. Paul Cody, Chair of  Staff Assembly was joined by Provost Hexter in congratulating the recipients for their achievements.

Citations of Excellence

Staff Assembly’s annual Citations for Excellence awards program provides recognition for individual staff and staff teams. Thanks to generous support from the Office of the Chancellor, Staff Assembly awarded more than $15,000 to seven individual staff members and four staff teams.

The Citations of Excellence awards program provides recognition for individual staff and staff teams, who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in one of the following areas:

Innovation  |  Research  |  Service  |  Supervision  |  Teaching

Citation of Excellence Recipients 


Laura Young, Student Affairs Officer, Graduate Studies

Honorable Mention
Shawn DeArmond, Web Architect, IET Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure Services


Jennie Konsella-Norene, Assistant Director of Global Professional Programs, Global Affairs


Lisa Papagni, Assistant Director, Residential Education Office, Student Housing and Dining Services

Honorable Mentions

Elvira Galvan Hack, Student Academic Advisor II, Department of Entomology and Nematology
Jacqueline Dyson, Administrative Assistant III, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing


Brad Harding, Interim Director, Enterprise Student Applications

Team Campus Community Contributions

Dairy Teaching and Research Staff Team

Douglas Gisi, Animal Care Supervisor II, Animal Science
Maria Patino, Principal Animal Technician, Animal Science 
Juan Hernandez, Principal Animal Technician, Animal Science 
Paul Domer, Senior Animal Technician, Animal Science 
Michael Amato, Principal Agricultural Technician, Animal Science

Financial Aid and Scholarships IT Team

Robert  Davis, Associate Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships   
Ian Fleet, Business Systems Analyst, Financial Aid and Scholarships   
Chris Loza, Application Programmer, Financial Aid and Scholarships 
Rodrigo Perez, Senior System Administrator, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Dan Ransom, Associate Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Andy Richmond, Application Programmer, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Alina Skubenich, Data Systems Analyst, Financial Aid and Scholarships   
Maria Sterner, Application Quality Specialist, Financial Aid and Scholarships

UC Davis Library Human Library Committee

Nancy Ervin, Operations Supervisor, UC Davis Library, Access & Delivery Services     
Katica Got, Circulation Billing Supervisor, UC Davis Library, Access & Delivery Services  
Glenda Gaines, Administrative Assistant, UC Davis Library, Management & Building Support
Bianca Iosif, Night & Weekend Assistant, UC Davis Library, Access & Delivery Services
Becky Moore-Poe, Interlibrary Loan Assistant, UC Davis Library, Access & Delivery Services

Veteran Self ID Campaign Working Group

Karmen Fittes, Executive Director of Talent and Rewards, Human Resources
William McCourt, HR Talent Acquisition Manager, Human Resources
Mark Chatman, HR Talent Acquisition Manager, Human Resources
Grant Nejedlo, Communication Manager for Employee Engagement, UC Davis Finance, Operations and Administration
Diane Carr, Student Affairs Officer, UC Davis Continuing Education
Earl Raehsler, Coordinator Veterans Success Center, Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services
Marian  Brotzman, Executive Assistant to Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Hendry Ton, Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 
Jim Marchetti, UCDH Information Technology Business Resiliency
Lyndon Huling, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Human Resources
Maria Berumen, Executive Assistant, Human Resources 



Staff and staff dependents were awarded $37,000 in scholarships. These included the Larry N. Vanderhoef Endowment Scholarship, Kathleen Moore Endowment Scholarship, Latino Staff and Faculty Association Scholarship, the UC Davis Retiree Scholarship, and the Staff Assembly Scholarships funded by the TGFS Vendor Showcase.

Kathleen Moore Scholarship

Ben Gillman, Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship

Larry N. Vanderhoef Scholarship

JoAnna Van Brocklin, HR Training and Development, UC Davis Health

Latinx Staff and Faculty Association Scholarship

Leonardo Alamillo, Jr., College of Letters and Sciences Dean's Office*

Margene E, Orzalli Endowment 

Stacie Aguil, Patient Care Services, UC Davis Health
Karina Ayala, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Demetria Dugas, Audiology Clinic, UC Davis Health
Teri Guerrero, Surgical and Radiological Services, Veterinary Medicine

UC Davis Retirees’ Association Career Enhancement Award

Carlos Garcia, Hart Interdisciplinary Program*

Staff Assembly Scholarships

Stephanie Guerrero, Pediatrics, UC Davis Health
Eloy Navarro, IT Applications Operations, UC Davis Health
Natasha Pineiro, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, UC Davis Health
Joann Pyon, Mathematics
Cindy Smith, Ceremonies and Special Events
Joanne Snapp, College of Biological Sciences
Jorge Suarez, Mechanical and HVAC, Building Maintenance Services, Facilities Management
Malena Teeters, Schools of Health Finance Unit, UC Davis Health
Jennifer Thompson, Accounts Payable and Banking Card Services, Supply Chain Management
Xiaohong Wei, Western Institute for Food Safety and Security
Adrienne Zweifel, Environmental Health and Safety

Staff Dependent Scholarships

Shakira Fangonilo, Freshman - Dependent of Maribel Harris, Environmental Sciences
Johanna Lomas, Senior - Dependent of Kristin Lomas, California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System - Davis
Mia Reed, Sophomore - Dependent of Dana Reed, Social Sciences Blue Cluster Administration
Katherine Zumstein, Freshman - Dependent of Kristina Zumstein, Plant Biology

* Awardee also received a Staff Assembly Scholarship