Paul Cody, Chair-Elect

Paul Cody

Position Title

Center for Student Involvement

Description of Chair-Elect Position:

The Chair-elect serves as the second in command on Staff Assembly and spends one year preparing to step into the Chair role. In addition to serving as the Chair when the Chair is unavailable, the Chair-elect oversees the various subcommittees that Staff Assembly facilitates throughout the year.



Paul began at UC Davis in 1997 with the Student Programs & Activities Center (now the Center for Student Involvement) and has remained with the department for his entire time on campus.   Paul is a proud alumni of UC Davis after receiving his Ed.D. from the CANDEL program in the School of Education in 2017. He has been involved with Staff Assembly since 2013 in which he has served as Secretary, Co-chair of the Citations of Excellence Committee and represented Staff Assembly on various committees.    

Paul finds time away from work to travel, golf and spend time with friends and family.