Staff Assembly Cookie Bake-Off: Wrap-Up

The Results are IN!


Thank you to all those who participated in the Staff Assembly Cookie Bake-Off, and especially to our Cookie Bake-Off Committee: Jamie Dehn, Delisha Gordon-Brown, and Asheley Greenlee, for making this such a wonderful event!


The moment you all have been waiting for, the results of the Bake-Off! While there were many tasty cookies entered, only one can earn the title of "Best Baker on Campus".

Bake-Off Winners
Pictured from left to Right: Lee Ann Richmond (2nd Place), Jennifer Wade (Best Table Presentation), Jamila Brown (1st Place), Natalia Ocampo (3rd Place).

First Place: Jamila Brown’s Family Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies

Second Place: Lee Ann Richmond’s Coconut Cookies

Third Place: Natalia Ocampo’s Pretzel Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Table Presentation: Jennifer Wade’s Gingerbread Cookies


This year's Bake-Off was held in the Student Community Center Multipurpose Room and bakers truly brought their A-game when it came to table presentation. There were over 100 staff in total attendance, comprised of both bakers and tasters! *Note: All 100 staff not pictured below

Bake-Off Event Photo







Best Table Presentation
Best Table Presentation: Jennifer Wade












Check out our Facebook page for the rest of the pictures here.

If you didn't hear about this event, READ STAFF VOICE! Otherwise, stay tuned for our first annual Staff Assembly Dip-Off taking place January 29, 2018.

Until next year...

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