Office of Research gets into the TGFS spirit - all week long!

The Office of Research really knows how to celebrate staff and TGFS. They don't just attend TGFS - they celebrate TGFS in their offices all week long! Christine Parks at the Office of Research talked to Staff Assembly about how they make the week all about staff.  

  • They play "get to know you better" games, like last year's "younger you" photo contest where staff submitted childhood photos and a current photo and players had to match the "younger you" photos to the current one. This year, they are doing a "Two Truths and a Lie" game where three statements are listed next to the photo of the person and players have to figure out which is the lie.
  • They form teams to play bar style trivia at lunch. As Christine said, "We do four categories general trivia (with some questions geared around our theme), picture trivia (pictures of famous people, logos, buildings), UC trivia, and name that tune (we play 10 seconds of a song for them to guess)." They even set up a Zoom for their Sacramento staff members so they can join in the fun. 
  • They "give back" during TGFS week. Last year, they picked up trash and trimmed trees along the Putah Creek bike trail. This year, A number of us volunteered to pick up trash and trim the trees along the Putah Creek bike trail. This year, they are doing a letter writing campaign for children in the hospital or serving in the military.  
  • During the week, each supervisor gives their employees appreciation certificates signed by our Vice Chancellor, the Associate Vice Chancellor, and the Supervisor, with a sentence or two about what they appreciate about that employee. 
  • And more! 

Thank you to the Office of Research for sharing their creative ideas for staff recognition during TGFS week!