Nourish your brain, career and well-being at noon!

Nourish your brain, career and well-being at noon!

Lunch is good for you – not just for nutritional purposes but also for creativity, career development, worklife integration and general well-being. At UC Davis there is no shortage of energy-packed, engaging programs and activities offered during the noon hour. You can nourish your brain, career and general well-being through a great line-up of noontime offerings. Would you like to deepen your appreciation of introversion, embrace mindfulness, get from here to there, tour the UC Davis employment application process, think outside the box, rescue a resume, or explore conversational intelligence? Then the Career Catalyst Series has delectable choices for your midday endeavors. Do you want to get out of your chair and feed your overall well-being? Then go on a one-hour adventure through the WorkLife and Wellness Series and learn how to unclog your clutter, maximize workout benefits, release tight muscles with yoga, tend your fruit trees, take care of your finances, stimulate your brain, and treat yourself to a recipe for happiness. Nourishment has never been so diverse and good, so pick your favorite noontime series and enjoy!


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Carina Celesia Moore

Carina Celesia MooreCarina Celesia Moore, M.A., SPHR, CPLP, is Director of HR Talent Management and Development at the University of California, Davis. In this role Carina provides leadership and strategy in talent management (including learning and development and work life) for the UC Davis campus and UC Davis Health. She oversees delivery of talent management human resources services by providing strategic advice to departments and units. Carina has also been an instructor at UC Davis Extension and has served as part-time faculty at CSU Sacramento in the Graduate Career Counselor Education Department. Before joining UC Davis, Carina worked at Connecticut College, Vassar College and a distance learning consulting firm. She earned a master's degree in curriculum and teaching from Columbia University, Teachers College.

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