If You Had a Magic Wand, What Would You Change About Your Career?

Feeling stuck? Would you like something in your career that is new, better, different? What if you had a magic wand and you could wave it to figure things out, change an aspect of your career, achieve your goals? There is a lot of noise out there – all the shoulds and coulds playing their tunes that annoyingly repeat in our heads. Maybe the magic wand would bring you a pause, a quiet time of reflection, or perhaps a burst of energy and action steps to take now. If you choose, “pause,” consider nurturing yourself through reflective writing, meditation, yoga, or walking. On June 7, the noontime workshop, “The Recipe for Being Happy” may be just right for you as you reflect on what matters most. If you are ready for a boost and choose “action,” consider pursuing a certificate, delving into the career tools such as the Career Management Toolkit or My UC Career Portal, or seeing our UC Davis career counselor or career coach who are dedicated to staff. If you are thinking about what you would change about your career, the great thing about a magic wand is that you can pull it out whenever you like – just like that – TA DA!


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Carina Celesia Moore

Carina Celesia MooreCarina Celesia Moore, M.A., SPHR, CPLP, is Director of HR Talent Management and Development at the University of California, Davis. In this role Carina provides leadership and strategy in talent management (including learning and development and work life) for the UC Davis campus and UC Davis Health. She oversees delivery of talent management human resources services by providing strategic advice to departments and units. Carina has also been an instructor at UC Davis Extension and has served as part-time faculty at CSU Sacramento in the Graduate Career Counselor Education Department. Before joining UC Davis, Carina worked at Connecticut College, Vassar College and a distance learning consulting firm. She earned a master's degree in curriculum and teaching from Columbia University, Teachers College.

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