A Gift Has Arrived from UCOP – the “My UC Career” Portal!

A Gift Has Arrived from UCOP – the “My UC Career” Portal!


UC Davis employees have identified career exploration, growth, and development opportunities as critical to their engagement and retention. A gift has arrived from UC Office of the President – a new online, self-directed career development portal, My UC Career, available to all UC employees seeking to advance their career. You will be seeing a lot of information in the coming months about My UC Career, and you have the opportunity to jump in right now and be an early adopter. Let’s take a quick tour of the six self-paced modules in the portal:


  1. Begin Career Discovery: Use personal assessments to help identify your values, personality, skills, and talents.
  2. Job Search: Leverage the existing UC Systemwide Job Board to view all UC opportunities by job type, location, or career level. You can create multiple alerts for new postings; this is just for jobs within UC.
  3. Resume: Build a new resume or revise an existing resume using the step-by-step online resume workshop tailored to your identified career path. You can also view resume building guides and resume samples by position or type.
  4. Tell Your Story: Create a pitch statement, cover letter, and references to tell what you have to offer and how you can help an organization succeed. Use the step-by-step online workshop to build each document. You can also view sample documents.
  5. Network and Research: Optimize your social media presence and use research tools to help leverage your networks that could uncover additional career opportunities.
  6. Pre- and Post-Interview: Practice interview skills by recording video interviews using pre-recorded portal interviewers, review interview type guides, create a post-interview thank you note, and review the offer negotiation guide and decision-making tools.


You may be wondering, “Who will know if I’m using My UC Career?”  Rest assured – all the work you complete within the My UC Career portal is just for your use and it is not shared or accessible to anyone else. Go on – open that gift that has arrived from UCOP, My UC Career, and start enjoying the benefits!



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Carina Celesia Moore

Carina Celesia MooreCarina Celesia Moore, M.A., SPHR, CPLP, is Director of HR Talent Management and Development at the University of California, Davis. In this role Carina provides leadership and strategy in talent management (including learning and development and work life) for the UC Davis campus and UC Davis Health. She oversees delivery of talent management human resources services by providing strategic advice to departments and units. Carina has also been an instructor at UC Davis Extension and has served as part-time faculty at CSU Sacramento in the Graduate Career Counselor Education Department. Before joining UC Davis, Carina worked at Connecticut College, Vassar College and a distance learning consulting firm. She earned a master's degree in curriculum and teaching from Columbia University, Teachers College.

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