Gatekeeping Training Study

Two separate mental health trainings are being offered on campus as part of a study sponsored by Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Student Health and Counseling Services, and the Office of Student Affairs.

These trainings are designed to help equip staff and faculty with skills and the knowledge they need to comfortably and confidently  speak to students about mental health concerns and then refer them to appropriate mental health resources.  The invitation refers to the training as "gatekeeper" training because faculty and staff are often the students' gateways to help.

If you or your department is interested in a training, please contact us at:

When you email, please select one training date/time from the list below.  Once we receive your email, we will register you.  We will then send you an invitation email from:  “Support UCD Wellness Study” with a subject line that reads:    "Invitation to a UC Davis Pilot Study of Training to Support  Student Mental Health.”  The email contains instructions for completing a pre-training questionnaire.

We are all aware that there is an increasing national focus on student well-being and mental health. At UC Davis we want to be sure that our students get access to whatever resources are needed to insure their success by creating a supportive and destigmatizing mental health culture.  With this training you can be part of this process!

For further information please contact:  Professor Carolyn Dewa, MPH, PhD:  or through her research assistant, Bushra Shaikh:

Upcoming Trainings: 

2/28/2018 (Wed)    9:50am-12:00pm     
Location: Student Health and Wellness Center (SH&WC)
Room: Main Conference Room 2 


2/28/2018(Wed)    1:50pm-4pm 
Location:  Main Conference Room 1 (SH&WC)


3/6/2018(Tue)     9:50am-12:00pm  
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


3/6/2018(Tue)      1:50pm-4pm   
Building: Memorial Union (MU) 
Room: Garrison Room  


3/7/2018(Wed)     9:50am-12:00pm  
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


3/7/2018(Wed)      1:50pm-4pm   
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


4/10/2018(Tue)      8:50am-11:00am 
Location: Main Conference Room 2  (SH&WC)


4/10/2018(Tue)      1:50pm-4pm   
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


4/11/2018(Wed)     9:50am-12:00pm   
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


4/11/2018(Wed)    1:50pm-4pm    
Location: Main Conference Room 2  (SH&WC)


4/12/2018(Thu)     9:50am-12:00pm  
Location: Main Conference Room 1  (SH&WC)


4/12/2018(Thu)     2:50pm-5pm     
Location: Main Conference Room 1 (SH&WC)


5/15/2018(Tue)     9:50am-12:00pm   
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


5/15/2018(Tue)     1:50pm-4pm    
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


5/16/2018(Wed)     9:50am-12:00pm     
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)


5/16/2018(Wed)      1:50pm-4pm        
Location: Main Conference Room 2 (SH&WC)

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