Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) Winter Quarterly Meeting Schedule

The Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) is comprised of University of California staff employees dedicated to improving the staff experience and enhancing communication withing the University Community on matters of interest to staff employees in accordance with California laws and Regent policy.

These meetings are open to all staff and members of the UC community. See below for a list of speakers and presentations. For more information on CUCSA and what they are up to, visit their website here. The UC Davis CUCSA delegates are Charron Andrus from the UCDMC and Paul Cody, Chair-Elect of the Davis campus Staff Assembly.

CUCSA Delegates 2018
Pictured: Staff delegates from every UC campus, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC Office of the President, and Berkeley National Lab

Quarterly Winter Meeting: December 5-7, 2018

December 5, 2018- Student Community Center, Multi-Purpose Room

12:30pm- CUCSA Agenda Review and Comments

3:30pm- Workgroup Presentations


December 6, 2018- Student Community Center, Multi-Purpose Room

8:45am- CUCSA Agenda Review and Comments, Updates from the UC Campus representatives
10:00am- Peter Chester, Executive Director, UC Systemwide Labor Relations
11:00am- Chief Joseph Farrow, UC Davis Police Chief
2:15pm- Blair Stephenson, UC Davis AVC Finance, Operations, & Administration


December 7, 2018- UC Davis Health Campus, Facilities Support Services Building Room 2030

10:00am- Fred Stevenson, Clinical Trials Recruitment Program Manager, UC Davis Health Clinical and Translational Science Center
1:30pm- Molly Greek- Director Enterprise Applications, UC Davis Health Information Technology

This year, the delegation will be examining the following topics:

Succession Planning Workgroup
The University of California attracts and retains a diverse staff workforce. As locations plan for the future, we must develop succession planning strategies to prepare staff and leaders across the UC. With organizational development, talent management, and workforce planning, we are primed to develop succession planning resources and a toolkit to be used across the UC System. The scope of this workgroup is to review succession planning resources, including talent development tools and make recommendations how best to expand, improve, and communicate tools across the system.

Parental Bonding Leave Workgroup

While UC has made efforts to be a family-friendly employer through policies, benefits, resources and services, many staff struggle with understanding the offerings to parents: what is applicable to them and/or where to find information that might be helpful. This workgroup will review what the UC system is currently offering, determine whether and why it is or is not achieving optimal results, and make recommendations for improvement.

Expanded Internal Operations
Expanded workgroup to include sub groups identified below.

  • Website overhaul
  • Prepare a Presidential Scholarship process
  • Budget sustainability plan for CUCSA
  • Strategic Plan

Regular updates and the results of the delegates’ work will be posted on the website so visit often!

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