Breakfast with the Chancellor – November 17, 2017


Breakfast with the Chancellor
Breakfast with the Chancellor at the Chancellor's Residence, hosted on November 17, 2017. Pictured from left to right: Karl Engelbach, Peter Blando, Lori Fuller, Elizabeth Lowrie, Kerry Burns, Satinder Gill, Gary May, LeShelle May, Rafael A.C.D. Gacel-Sinclair, Rob Kerner, Kate Shasky, Eric Gifford, Mary Glas, Ahna Heller, Megan Heynen, Asheley Greenlee, and Kelly Ratliff.


Staff joined Chancellor Gary May and his wife, LeShelle, for breakfast at the Chancellor’s residence on Nov. 17. Also in attendance were Kelly Ratliff, Interim Lead, Finance, Operations and Administration; Karl Engelbach, Associate Chancellor; and members of the Staff Assembly Executive Committee, Kate Shasky, Chair, and Ahna Heller, Communications Chair, along with Asheley Greenlee, Staff Assembly Coordinator. They were joined by Peter Blando, Business Analyst, IET; Kerry Burns, Case Manager, Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs; Lori Fuller, Regional Assistant Director, Admissions/EAOP; Rafael A.C.D. Gacel-Sinclair, Intellectual Property Officer, Office of Research; Eric Gifford, Director of Development, Parent Giving, DEVAR; Satinder Gill, Psychologist, Director of the Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP); Mary Glas, Manager, Continuing Medical Education, UC Davis Health; Megan Heynen, Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Advisor, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Engineering; Rob Kerner, IT Manager, Plant Sciences; and Elizabeth Lowrie, Account Manager, Phoenix Cluster.


After Chancellor May welcomed the guests, the conversation got underway. Topics of discussion included:


  • HR and compensation issues that affect recruitment efforts. Kelly Ratliff noted that Career Tracks and wider salary ranges, along with changes in leadership philosophy, should help remedy some of the issues. She also said there’s an FOA customer service survey coming in 2018 that will help capture feedback from staff.


  • Career Tracks came up at the breakfast. A staff member asked if most staff are at the midpoint in the range. Kelly Ratliff noted that the midpoints are determined by employment market data. She also noted that 88% of staff got mapped into a band with a wider salary range than they had previously. Kelly reminded attendees to take into consideration factors such as the retirement program you fall under to get the full picture of your individual compensation package.


  • UC Davis is ranked #9 for Veteran-friendly hiring. Can we do more? Kelly Ratliff noted that we recently reconnected with the local Wounded Warrior organization. Staff Assembly also has a representative on the Veteran Constituency Group.


  • A Development and Alumni Relations staff member asked the Mays, “What is important to you as parents of college students?” Chancellor May said parents should be most interested in their children getting an exceptional education. He also said that beyond monetary contributions, parents can volunteer by sharing their expertise and their networks. It was suggested that inviting parents to more events could showcase the campus and the alumni experience.


  • Space planning was a topic of conversation. Kelly Ratliff said that we are in the “densification” mode and that we will be building more multi-story buildings.


  • A fair amount of time was spent on staff mental health and access to help on campus through ASAP, as well as staff impacted by supporting student mental health and the resource challenges they face. Chancellor May said that we need to take this seriously and he wants some more information so solutions can be explored. As he said, “We can’t fix a problem if we don’t know about it.”


  • How are LeShelle and Gary May settling in? LeShelle says she loves California. Chancellor May said he’s really enjoying the charm and welcoming vibe of the City of Davis.


If you’re interested in participating in a Breakfast with the Chancellor, visit this page on the Staff Assembly website for more information and an application.

*Article written by Ahna Heller