January 2019
Staff joined Chancellor Gary May for breakfast at the Chancellor’s residence on January 10, 2019. Also in attendance were Karl Engelbach, Chief of Staff, Office of the Chancellor & Provost, Ken Burtis, Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost; Stephen Green, Executive Director of Employee and Labor Relations, Human Resources Officer; and members of the Staff Assembly Executive Committee, Paul Cody, Acting Chair; and Asheley Greenlee, Staff Assembly Coordinator. They were joined by Jaime Allen, Leadership Development and Outreach Specialist, Center for Student Involvement; Janel Alpert, Assistant Director of Development, College of Engineering; Jeff Couture, Project Manager, ANR: Facilities Planning & Management; Mike Dominguez, Sport Club Coordinator, Student Affairs/Campus Recreation; Corrine Esser, Chief Administrative Officer, Earth & Planetary Sciences; Tom Kane, Facility Condition Assessment Inspector, Facilities Management; Rita Lundin, Executive Assistant, Office of the Campus Counsel; Becky Moore-Poe, Interlibrary Loan Assistant, Library; Krissy Ocampo, Community Advisor- Retention, Student Recruitment and Retention Center; Ginger Welsh, Associate Marketing Director, Internation Programs, Division of Continuing and Professional Education.

After Chancellor May welcomed the guests, introductions were underway and attendees shared their professional accomplishments from 2018 that they were most proud of and some of their goals for 2019 with campus leadership. There were so many impressive accomplishments from last year and ambitious goals for this upcoming year, some of which attendees shared are listed below:

  • Stephen Green, Executive Director of Employee and Labor Relations, shared his goal of having a balanced approach to addressing concerns from both employees and management. He expressed interest in engaging directly with staff to figure out their questions and how ELR can best address those issues and areas in which information is unclear. Other attendees mentioned that staff were going to other UCs, such as UC Berkeley, due to more competitive pay scales. Stephen Green addressed this particular instance and scenarios that are similar by stating that compensation varies across different regions and that UC Office of the President vets these pay scales to ensure that all factors that comprise compensation are fair.
  • Enjoys being dedicated to service and is proud of the success of the Human Library project.
  • One staff member works to inventory the condition of UC Davis assets. This team has designed such an innovative and cost-effective approach to asset management that they have been contacted nationally for input into how they run this program. You can read more about the Integrated Capital Asset Management Program here.
  • Campus Recreation was able to introduce fee waivers for students to participate in programs at the ARC. They have also introduced fun and active activities to the freshman orientation program to get students outside and engaged. Campus Recreation also took a page out of Chancellor May's book and created their own strategic plan for their department. Campus Recreation is also looking forward to the opening of the ARC in spring quarter, as well as the Rec Pool opening in summer.
  • A member of Student Affairs described the implementation of a leadership program for students running the student programs.
  • One staff member shared that they were happy that they made it through 2018. They were involved in numerous different volunteer capacities across campus, while expressing the pride they feel while watching the growth and success of their department's NASPA undergraduate fellows program.
  • One staff member was excited that they worked in a department in which a faculty member was the recipient of the 2018 MacArthur fellowship. Additionally, their department has acquired outside funding to recruit prospective high school students and increase outreach to local community colleges. 
  • College of Engineering Development and Alumni Relations was able to engage with more alumni this year, managed to raise $5 million for the Engineering Student Design Center in Bainer Hall, and enjoyed the success of the Student Startup Center and the entrepreneurship opportunities it creats for students.
  • Many staff expressed their achievement of switching jobs on campus and managing the transitions that come with such a feat. 

Campus Leadership had a few noteworthy accomplishments they wanted to share as well:

  • Ken Burtis, Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor and Provost, was excited to share the progress being made towards the 2020 campus initiative, the campus strategic plan, information about the new California hall lecture room, and information about the coming Teaching & Learning Center with an expected capacity of 2000 seats to be located between the Silo and Surge IV.
  • Karl Engelbach, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff, gave credit to all of the staff members on campus for all of the hard work they put in every day in order for the university to achieve such major accomplishments. Additionally, Karl noted that the campus drafted the strategic plan, filled several more positions on the senior leadership team, and made significant strides towards the completion of Aggie Square.
  • Christine Lovely, Chief Human Resources Officer, reflected on the success of the recent veterans self-identification initiative, in which over 160 new veterans identified themselves, bringing the total number of veteran staff and faculty to over 400 between the Davis and Sacramento campuses.
  • While the previously listed campus leaders stole a little of Chancellor May's thunder in recapping the year's events- truly showing how much collective an effort our leadership makes in achieving and surpassing the year's goals- Chancellor May expressed his commitment to addressing student's basic needs as well as his excitement for the Aggie Square project. Additionally, he acknowledged that when he started at UC Davis, there was a deficit of trust with campus leadership and hopes to overcome those lingering sentiments by staying accessible to the campus community and giving the campus community a voice. He is excited to expand the undergraduate job shadowing of campus leadership and is looking to better aid graduating students with the job search so they can have a job lined up upon graduation. He also expressed a very ambitious goal of fundraising $2 billion for the UC Davis campus in the coming years.

The overall sentiment of the breakfast was that we are lucky to serve an institution that is committed to working together to achieve great things and will continue our pursuit to be drivers of academic success and innovation.


If you’re interested in participating in a Breakfast with the Chancellor, visit this page on the Staff Assembly website for more information and an application.