Breakfast with the Chancellor Attendees December 2018
Staff joined Chancellor Gary May for breakfast at the Chancellor’s residence on December 20, 2018. Also in attendance were Kelly Ratliff, Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations & Administration, Karl Engelbach, Chief of Staff, Office of the Chancellor & Provost, Christine Lovely, Chief Human Resources Officer; and members of the Staff Assembly Executive Committee, Molly Bechtel, Membership Chair; and Asheley Greenlee, Staff Assembly Coordinator. They were joined by Tim Akin, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Graduate School of Management; Carlos Azevedo, Facilities Coordinator, School of Education; Annette Davis, Project Manager, State Contracts, Center of Occupational and Environmental Health; Linda Forbes, Associate Director of Marketing, Strategic Communications; Brenda Fudge-Jensen, Associate Director for Public Advising and Admissions Advising, Undergraduate Admissions; Gladis Lopez-Lytle, Chief Administrative Officer, Mathematics and Nanomaterials in the Environment, Agriculture, and Technology (NEAT); Kara Maloney, Assessment Coordinator, Undergraduate Education; Eric Norman, Business Technical Support Analyst, Administrative IT: Client Services; Earl Raehsler, Coordinator, Veterans Success Center; Sheetal Shah, Psychologist, Student Health and Counseling Services; and Katrina Spridgen, Business Operations Manager, BFTV Admin Cluster.

After Chancellor May welcomed the guests, introductions were underway and attendees shared their professional accomplishments for the year with campus leadership. There are so many accomplishments for UC Davis to be proud of this year, some of which attendees shared are listed below:

  • One staff member shared that they were extremely proud of the Strategic Communications on-going profile of Women in S.T.E.M., which can be found here.
  • The first graduating class from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management Masters program in Business Analytics. 
  • Keeping research labs open and functioning during the campus closures. Additionally, providing administrative support for ground-breaking research efforts and staying optimistic during construction on building space.
  • Managing departmental spaces and administrative efforts, despite a 100% increase in undergraduate enrollment within a department.
  • Participating in Administrative Officers of the Future and ProShare to grow their campus network and increase their professional development.

Campus Leadership had a few noteworthy accomplishments they wanted to share as well:

  • Kelly Ratliff, Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations, and Administration, was excited to share her 2018 FOA leadership hires: Matthew Okamoto, Assistant Vice Chancellor and University Controller; Jim Carroll, Associate Vice Chancellor and University Architect; Lisa Frace, Chief Finance and Budget Officer; Laurie Brignolo, Executive Director of Animal Care and Resource Programs; and Christine Lovely, Chief Human Resources Officer.
  • Karl Engelbach, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff, gave credit to all of the staff members on campus for all of the hard work they put in every day in order for the university to achieve such major accomplishments. Additionally, Karl noted that the campus drafted the strategic plan, filled several more positions on the senior leadership team, and made significant strides towards the completion of Aggie Square.
  • Christine Lovely, Chief Human Resources Officer, reflected on the success of the recent veterans self-identification initiative, in which over 160 new veterans identified themselves, bringing the total number of veteran staff and faculty to over 400 between the Davis and Sacramento campuses.
  • While the previously listed campus leaders stole a little of Chancellor May's thunder in recapping the year's events- truly showing how much collective an effort our leadership makes in achieving and surpassing the year's goals- Chancellor May shared a list of impressive UC Davis rankings and record accomplishments for UC Davis. Additionally, Chancellor May expressed his excitement for turning strategic planning into strategic doing.

The overall sentiment of the breakfast was that we are lucky to serve an institution that is committed to working together to achieve great things and will continue our pursuit to be drivers of academic success and innovation.


If you’re interested in participating in a Breakfast with the Chancellor, visit this page on the Staff Assembly website for more information and an application.