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2017 Staff Award Recipients

The annual staff awards ceremony, hosted by the Staff Assembly, was held on June 26 at the Walter Buehler Alumni Center Moss Patio. Darolyn Striley, past chair of the Staff Assembly, opened the award ceremony and noted that the attendance was the largest ever. Interim Provost, Ken Burtis, spoke to the attendees as well and congratulated the recipients for their achievements.

Staff and staff dependents were awarded $29,000 in scholarships.These included the Larry N. Vanderhoef Endowment, Kathleen Moore Endowment, Margene E. Orzalli Endowment, Latino Staff and Faculty Association Scholarship, the Retiree Scholarship, and the Staff Assembly Scholarships funded by the TGFS Vendor Showcase.

Staff Assembly’s annual Citations for Excellence awards program provides recognition for individual staff and staff teams. Thanks to generous support from the Office of the Chancellor, Staff Assembly awarded $15,000 to twelve individual staff members and four staff teams.