2016 Scholarships

rosalie vanderhoef

Mrs. Rosalie Vanderhoef speaking at the 2016 Staff Assembly Awards ceremony.

Staff and Staff Dependent Scholarship Overview

The UC Davis/UCDHS Staff Assembly Scholarship Committee offers scholarships to UC Davis career staff and their dependents on both the Davis and Sacramento campuses. We are proud to administer the Kathleen Moore Endowment Scholarship, Latino Staff and Faculty Association Scholarship, Margene E. Orzalli Endowment Scholarship; UC Davis Retirees' Association Career Enhancement Award, Staff Assembly Scholarships, and Larry N. Vanderhoef Staff Scholarship. This year, we awarded 17 scholarships, totaling nearly $19,000, to the individuals below.
Through this program, career staff receive funding to continue their education in Associate, Bachelor, or graduate degree programs at community colleges, state colleges, universities (public or private) and professional schools as well as to pursue professional certificates for personal/professional development.

The Staff Scholarship Program is funded by generous endowments, sales of Staff Pins, and TGFS sponsorship sales conducted by the UC Davis and UCDHS Staff Assemblies. Annual award amounts vary depending on the number of qualified applicants and the amount of available funds.

Please contact the Staff Assembly Office at (530) 752-0988 if you have any questions.

2016 Staff Scholarship Awards Ceremony

On June 27, at the Alumni Center, the UC Davis and UCDHS Staff Assemblies awarded scholarships to the following staff and dependents of staff based on their demonstrated academic potential, community service, leadership skills, and financial need. These scholarships were awarded for use during the 2016 - 2017 academic year. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. 

Michelle Vyvlecka

Larry N. Vanderhoef Scholarship

Michelle Vyvlecka, Student Academic Success Department

Michelle is a Graduate Student studing towards an MBA in Finance at California State University, Sacramento.

Lauren Asmus

Kathleen Moore Scholarship

Lauren Asmus, Shares Service Center

Lauren is studing towards a Professional Certificate at UC Davis Extension in Human Resource Development.

Annmarie Seed

UC Davis Latino Staff and Faculty Association Scholarship

Annemarie Seed, Public Health Sciences

Annemarie is studying towards an MA in Education - Gender Equity and Behavioral Science at California State University, Sacramento.

theresa white

Margene E. Orzalli Scholarship

Theresa White, Facitilties Maintenance

Theresa is studying towards a Professional Certificate at the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration in carpet care.

shavaun diallo

Margene E. Orzalli Scholarship

Shavaun Diallo, Professional Billing Group UC Davis Health System

Shavaun is studing towards her Masters in Healthcare Management at Concordia University.

jennifer eting

Margene E. Orzalli Scholarship

Jennifer Eting, Student Affairs Marketing & Communications

Jennifer is a Graduate Student studying towards a Masters of Communication Management through the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Margene E. Orzalli Scholarship

Karen Stepp, University Birthing Center UC Davis Health System

Karen is a Graduate Student studying towards a Masters in Nursing Education at Grand Canyon University.

truc cao

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Truc Cao, Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Truc is a senior studying towards a second bachelor’s degree at Sacramento State University, California in their nursing program.

emily francis

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Emily Francis, Facilities Management 

Emily is pursuing a personal/professional development in Business Management at Solano Community College.

monica kratochvil

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Monica Kratochvil, Senior Hospital MedicalTranscriber

Monica is studying to complete six courses leading to a veterinary forensics certification at North American Veterinary Community VetFolio.

elena morrow

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Elena Morrow, Medical Inerpreting Services UC Davis Health System

Elena is a Graduate Student studying towards a Masters in Public Policy & Administration at California State University, Sacramento.

emily taylor

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Emily Taylor, Services for International Students & Scholars

Emily is a Graduate Student studying towards a Master of Arts degree in Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies at California State University, Sacramento.    

thomas whitcher

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Thomas Whitcher, Department of Development and Alumni Relations

Thomas will use his scholarship to attend classes at UC Davis that apply towards a Doctorate of Education.

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Gregory Wood, Accelerated Access Unit/East 4

Gregory is a Graduate Student studying towards a Masters of Science in Nursing - Leadership in Healthcare Systems at Grand Canyon University.

Staff Dependent Scholarship Recipient

jordan tonooka

Staff Assembly Staff Dependent Scholarship

Jordan Tonooka

Jordan is an incoming senior majoring in Animal Biology.