2015 Scholarships

(l to r) Lina Layiktez, Staff Assembly Chair, Dianne Gregory, Staff Scholarship Chair, Chancellor Katehi, and Rob Kerner, Staff Assembly Past Chair, at the 2015 Staff Assembly Awards ceremony.

Staff and Staff Dependent Scholarship Overview

The UC Davis/UCDHS Staff Assembly Scholarship Committee offers scholarships to UC Davis career staff and their dependents on both the Davis and Sacramento campuses. We are proud to administer the Kathleen Moore Endowment Scholarship, Latino Staff and Faculty Association Scholarship, Margene E. Orzalli Endowment Scholarship; UC Davis Retirees' Association Career Enhancement Award, Staff Assembly Scholarships, and Larry N. Vanderhoef Staff Scholarship. This year, we awarded 17 scholarships, totaling nearly $25,000, to the individuals below.
Through this program, career staff receive funding to continue their education in Associate, Bachelor, or graduate degree programs at community colleges, state colleges, universities (public or private) and professional schools as well as to pursue professional certificates for personal/professional development.

The Staff Scholarship Program is funded by generous endowments, sales of Staff Pins, and TGFS sponsorship sales conducted by the UC Davis and UCDHS Staff Assemblies. Annual award amounts vary depending on the number of qualified applicants and the amount of available funds.

Please contact the Staff Assembly Office at (530) 752-0988 if you have any questions.

2015 Staff Scholarship Awards Ceremony

On June 8, at the Alumni Center, the UC Davis and UCDHS Staff Assemblies awarded scholarships to the following staff and dependents of staff based on their demonstrated academic potential, community service, leadership skills, and financial need. These scholarships were awarded for use during the 2015 - 2016 academic year. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. 

charlotte barbee

Larry N. Vanderhoef Scholarship

Charlotte Barbee, UCDHS Patient Relations

Charlotte is a sophomore at Capella University studying towards a degree in Business and Healthcare Management.

marlene slichter

Kathleen Moore Scholarship

Marlene Slichter, Facilities Management

Marlene will be using her scholarship to pursue an online certificate in advanced carpet cleaning techniques. 

angela carrasco

UC Davis Latino Staff and Faculty Association Scholarship

Angela Carrasco, Vice Chancellor and Dean's Office at the Medical Center

Angela is a graduate student in Public Health at Drexel University.

paul cody

Margene E. Orzalli Scholarship

Paul Cody, Center for Student Involvement

Paul is studying towards a Doctorate in Educational Leadership through the UC Davis School of Education’s CANDEL Program.

juanita braxton

UC Davis Retirees' Association Career Enhancement Award

Juanita Braxton, UCDHS Surgery Department

Juanita is studying towards a Doctorate in Public Health through Walden University.          

karisa asato

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Karisa Asato, Office of the University Registrar

Karisa is studying toward a Graduate Degree in Organizational Leadership through National University.        

kathi contreras

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Kathi Contreras, School of Veterinary Medicine

Kathi will use her scholarship to pay for the Certified Research Administrator examination.

lindsey dunn

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Lindsey Dunn, UC Davis Extension

Lindsey is studying towards a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership through Colorado State University’s Global Campus.

dawn rowe

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Dawn Rowe, Center for Comparative Medicine

Dawn is completing her PhD in Educational Leadership through University of the Cumberlands.

maria shimizu

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Maria Shimizu, UCDHS GI Endoscopy Department

Maria is studying towards a Doctorate in Nursing Practice through Boise State University.

gregory wada

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Gregory Wada, Department of Anthropology

Gregory will use his scholarship to attend classes at UC Davis that apply towards a Masters in Anthropology.

Staff Assembly Scholarship

Ami Tripp, Internship and Career Center

Ami is studying towards a Doctorate in Education at Concordia University-Portland.

Staff Dependent Scholarship Recipients

alexis sakaris

Staff Assembly Staff Dependent Scholarship

Alexis Sakaris

Alexis is an incoming junior and majoring in Political Science.

courtney sousa

Staff Assembly Staff Dependent Scholarship

Courtney Sousa

Courtney is an incoming senior and majoring in Microbiology.

Staff Assembly Staff Dependent Scholarship

Andrew Parks

Andrew is an incoming junior and majoring in Biological Sciences.

Staff Assembly Staff Dependent Scholarship

Natasha Pineiro

Natasha is an incoming senior and majoring in Neurology, Physiology and Behavior.

Staff Assembly Staff Dependent Scholarship

Alexandria Van Elgort

Alexandria is an incoming senior and majoring in Cell Biology.