2015 Citations of Excellence

lina layiktez

Lina Layiktez, Staff Assembly Chair and Conference and Events Services Director, announces the Citations winners at the Alumni Center.

Citations of Excellence Overview:

UC Davis Staff Assembly’s annual Citations of Excellence awards program provides recognition for individual staff and staff teams, who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in one of the following areas:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Supervision
  • Campus community contributions

Thanks to generous support from the Office of the Chancellor, this year Staff Assembly awarded nearly $13,000 to nine individual staff members and two staff teams.

2015 Citations of Excellence Award Ceremony

On June 8, at the Alumni Center, Staff Assembly and Chancellor Katehi, recognized the following staff and employee teams who distinguished themselves in one of several areas of outstanding achievement. Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination.
everett wilson

Innovation - Everett Wilson, Academic Affairs

Everett was recognized for his innovation by building an efficient and comprehensive web-based honors tracking system and creating software tools that allow the campus to effectively implement oversight over faculty hiring by ensuring gender and ethnic diversity of applicant pools. Everett’s nominators describe his efforts as having “made an enduring impact on creating and promoting a campus culture of diversity, inclusion, and recognition.”

jeanne wilson

Service - Jeanne Wilson, Student Disability Center

Jeanne was recognized for her service that fosters student development while she assists them with critical issues including suicide, sexual and physical assaults, disability management, mental health issues, and discrimination. Jeanne’s nominators commend her for “consistently recognizing that students come from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds and that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to problems.” Additionally, “as a consummate team player Jeanne was willing to transfer from a unit she shepherded for her entire career to lead a unit that was in need of leadership and direction.”

mary vasquez

Supervision - Mary Vasquez, Student Housing

Mary was recognized for her supervisory acumen, which includes encouraging professional development, creating an open and inclusive office environment, and building relationships with her staff. Mary’s nominators commend her for making it clear “that her desire is to support her staff however needed – in their job functions or their personal lives." Mary also "emphasizes self-care in a fast-paced and demanding work environment, knows each individual’s strengths and assigns work accordingly."

james fitzgerald

Teaching - James Fitzgerald, UC Davis Boating Safety Program

James was recognized for teaching by providing watercraft safety training for staff, faculty and students that work domestically and abroad. James’ nominators describe boat use at UC Davis as “the most diverse of all the UC campuses, with operations carried out in fast-moving mountain streams, lakes, bays, estuaries and the open ocean.” They commend James for having “met the challenge of custom designing boat operator training and refresher courses that specifically meet the needs of each student, which he accomplishes by meeting with the prospective boaters and discussing their plans, location, and experience level of all who will be on board.”

Team Category Winners:

rob warren and trina wood

Campus Community Contributions - Veterinary Medicine Communications Team

Rob Warren and Trina Wood

Rob and Trina were recognized for responding to 498 media inquiries in the past year to schedule interviews with faculty and students on a wide range of topics. They also wrote and posted more than 200 stories and press releases, using social media to further distribute the information. According to Rob and Trina’s nominators, “the volume of media inquiries and resulting number of stories in the popular press and veterinary and animal health trade publications has been the major accomplishment of the communications team. These efforts have produced ripple effects for our development success, increased clinical caseload, expanded clinical trials, faculty and student recruitment efforts, and reputation enhancement.”

Citations of Excellence Honorable Mention Recipients

citations honorable mention recipients

(front row: left to right) Lina Layiktez, Donelle Davis, Vajra Watson, Jeanne Cassady, Chancellor Katehi (middle row: left to right) Jason Sylvestre, Heather Wright, Alisha Bartolomucci, Adam Getchell, Scott Kirkland, John Knoll (back row) Patrick Van Dyke

Individual Category

Innovation - Patrick Van Dyke, Veterinary Medicine
Service - Heather Wright, Accounting & Financial Services
Service - Vajra Watson, Student Affairs
Supervision - Donelle Davis, Student Academic Success Center
Teaching - Alisha Bartolomucci, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Honorable Mention - Team Category

Campus Community Contributions - GIVE.UCDAVIS.EDU Design Team
Jeanne Cassady, Advancement Services
Cal Doval, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Adam Getchell, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Scott Kirkland, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
John Knoll, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Jason Sylvestre, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Ken Taylor, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences