Electronics and Technology

Staff Assembly has no control over the contracts with these providers they are negotiated with the State not Staff Assembly.


Click Here to find out about current AT&T Mobility discounts that apply to you!

AT&T Wireless Cellular Phone Service for Personal Use

UC Davis has a negotiated 17% discount for wireless service with AT&T for current University faculty and staff (including Medical employees). To get your discount, sign up for service, and get web only equipment discounts please visit the AT&T UC Davis sponsorship program site for Personal Wireless Service.

You may also make personal purchases at the official AT&T Store for UCD located at:

140 F Street,

Davis, CA 95616

Be sure to bring your UC DAVIS ID. You will also need to reference FAN (Foundation Account Number), which is #100551 to get your discount.

For additional questions please contact Tyson Heizer, Employee Sponsorship Advocate, at th852e@att.com or (916) 541-3433

Additional info for all UC campuses:

AT&T Wireless
To take advantage of the employee discounts, employees are encouraged to visit any authorized Cingular store and reference the employee foundation account number of 100551. Have your UC DAVIS identification pass or business card handy for authenticity.


1. Register for Dell Advantage at www.Dell.com/mpp/UCDavisStaffAdvantage to get great

additional benefits using Member ID HS123285228

2. Shop online at www.Dell.com/mpp/UCDavisStaff

3. Give us a call at 888-243-9964 and reference HS123285228

Sprint Discounts

18% off select plans and waived activitation fee for new lines of service ($36 value)

Sprint has also launched a ‘refreshed’ Family Share Pack for employees that switch up to 5 lines for only $73.80 per month (after the 18% UCD discount).  

  • Includes unlimited talk and text and 12GB of high-speed data, all on the Sprint network
  • Pay no access charges for a year
  • Switch now and Sprint will pay any early termination fees - up to $350 per line via American Express® Reward Card.   That means a family of 5 can get up to $1,750 to cover switching costs.

For questions related to the Sprint discount for UC Davis staff, please contact jodi.defonzo@sprint.com

View current offers available from Sprint - switcher deal and family share plan.


T-Mobile UC Employee Advantage Program

Take advantage of special offers created exclusively for University of California employees:

Take advantage of these great offers now by calling 1-866-464-8662 and provide promotional code 7306TMOFAV or visit the UC Advantage online ordering portal

Note: These offers are not available in retail stores or through t-mobile.com.


Verizon offers UC Davis employees up to 15% of the monthly access fee on eligible plans (including some existing lines), as well as up to 25% off accessories.

Method 1

1.       Go to  www.verizonwireless.com/getdiscounts

2.       Enter valid UC Davis email address and click “Check for Discounts” (If you do not have a valid UC Davis Email address click “Don’t Have a Work Email Address?” then proceed to complete the Discount Eligibility Form)

3.       An email with information on finalizing your discount will be sent to you.