Staff and Faculty Health and Wellness Committee

Health and Wellness Needs Assessment

The UC Davis Staff and Faculty Health and Wellness Committee is developing recommendations for administration outlining what a comprehensive health and wellness program should include at UC Davis.

The committee released a needs assessment by email to all staff and faculty on the Davis and Sacramento campuses, which closed on June 12. We received over 4,000 individual responses from staff and faculty and greatly appreciate all the feedback. The information we received is being analyzed by committee members and could help determine the direction of any future health and wellness programs offered to UC Davis employees.

Please direct any questions or comments to the Staff and Faculty Health and Wellness Committee at


Stacey Brezing, MS, RCEP Chair, Staff and Faculty Health and Wellness Committee UC Davis Staff Assembly

Background on the Committee

Providing health and wellness programs and resources to employees is a proven “win-win” situation for the employer and the employee. Currently, UC Davis does not have a comprehensive worksite health program. Comprehensive health and wellness programs benefit employers through increasing employee engagement, boosting productivity, reducing injuries/claims, lowering healthcare costs and improving recruitment and retention rates. UC Davis staff could see benefits that include better health, more energy, less stress, fewer acute and chronic illnesses, better management of chronic health conditions, and a better quality of life.

Four modifiable health behaviors have been identified as associated with one-third of all deaths in the US. These include lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating, tobacco use and excessive alcohol (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A comprehensive worksite health program which includes assessment, leadership buy-in, culture change, environmental supports, policies/benefits/incentives, communications, education, integration and evaluation can motivate employees to make healthier choices and engage in healthier behaviors. As part of its charge, the Committee on Staff Health and Wellness would inventory the resources available on campus and conduct a needs assessment detailing what resources should be available on campus. This information and the committee’s recommendations would be summarized in a report to the Chancellor.

Staff Assembly’s mission to “promote the welfare, interests and diversity of the staff, campus and the University of California” closely aligns with the purpose of this proposed committee. This committee will advocate for enhanced health and wellness resources that can directly benefit staff and the campus.

I welcome the opportunity to Chair the Committee on Staff Health and Wellness. Health, wellness and injury prevention have been a passion of mine since attending UC Davis as an undergraduate and graduate student in Exercise Science. I have promoted health and wellness in the private sector, at the Medical Center and at the Student Health and Wellness Center on campus. Presently, I am the WorkStrong Coordinator at Occupational Health, developing wellness programs for injured employees. Every day with my WorkStrong participants, I see the benefits of investing in staff health and wellness and I would like to see the resources UC Davis makes available expanded so all staff can take advantage of health and wellness programs on campus.

Stacey Brezing
WorkStrong Coordinator
Staff Assembly Board member

Resource Inventory

The Staff and Faculty Health and Wellness Committee is in the process of creating an inventory of all health and wellness related assets available to UC Davis staff and faculty. If you're aware of an available resource (e.g., people, websites, facilities, discounts, etc.), please share it with us.

This information will be compiled and submitted in the committee's report to the Chancellor and her leadership team in the fall.

Committee Members

We'd like to thank these UC Davis staff and faculty for their significant contributions to this committee's efforts. Please direct any questions to the committee at or call the UC Davis Staff Assembly office at (530) 752-0988.

  • Stacey Brezing Occupational Health
Staff and Faculty Members
  • Janet Aitken – Shared Services Center
  • Jeff Austin – Financial Aid Office
  • Barbara Ashby – Worklife & Wellness
  • Jackie Bjorkman – Environmental Science and Policy
  • Keavagh Clift – Occupational Health
  • John Conway - Physics
  • Jasmine Engracia Durias – Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Julie Gross – UCDHS, PM&R Therapy Services   
  • David Hawkins - Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
  • Matthew Lange - Knowledge Engineering
  • Grant Nejedlo – Staff Assembly
  • Nelson Randolph – Facilities Management
  • David Wong – Communications Resources
  • Heather Zoller - Campus Recreation and Unions
  • Yevgeniy Grigorivich Gnedash - BFTV Cluster