2014 Campus Communication Survey

In the spring of 2014, Staff Assembly conducted a Campus Communications Survey. There are many positive takeaways from the 244 responses Staff Assembly received from the campus communications survey, which looked at how UC Davis staff receive campus information and what helps or hurts their efforts to openly and honestly communicate their views upward. A large majority of respondents indicated an interest in receiving campus-related news “all the time.” Further, their preferred delivery mechanisms, which include emails from the Chancellor and Dateline, are in place and being used.

Additionally, most respondents have taken the initiative to communicate concerns, ideas and suggestions with their supervisors, but it’s problematic that so many have either received no response or no follow-up after a supervisor promises to “look into it.” Additionally, the idea that a staff person would NOT communicate with their supervisor for fear of retaliation or because of experiences that indicate the effort is “useless,” is a shortcoming requiring attention. 

A summary of the survey data is attached.